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Hook & Hastings Organ


A treasure from the past - a gift for the future

St. Timothy's is excited to announce that the restoration and installation of our historic 1898 Hook & Hastings Organ is complete.

Upcoming Recitals:

Sunday, Nov. 14, 4pm - Scott Carpenter
Sunday, June 28, 4pm - Raymond Hawkins

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Dr. Jack Mitchener played the Hook and Hastings dedication recital on Sunday February 8, 2015 at 4p, and the organ was dedicated on Thursday March 19, 2015 at the mass for the Feast of St. Joseph.

The organ

St. Timothy’s newly installed Hook and Hastings organ.


Historical Information about the Hook & Hastings Organ

In the late years of the 19th century the Hook & Hastings Co. was in effect “America’s national organ building champion.” Regional builders built many instruments, some of landmark status, but if it were to be a major pipe organ in a prestigious church or institution, Hook & Hastings was often the builder of choice. These organs were splendidly designed and engineered; their tonal characteristics reflected the variety of music they were expected to manage—from transcriptions of orchestral literature to service playing and accompaniment of choral music. Of the 32 or so landmark organs by the firm, essentially no others remain intact today. Many have been radically rebuilt and altered, often several times, or broken up for parts; some have been trucked to landfills; a few have contributed some pipes to replacement instruments.–Rev. Culver L. Mowers, Organ Historian, Brooktondale, New York

St. Timothy’s organ (Opus 1801) is the only large Hook & Hastings of the late 19th century “Golden Age” of organ building which has not been significantly altered. It retains its original mechanism and appearance.


Here is a brief description of all the stops or sounds which are available on the instrument. And yes, “pulling out all the stops” means just that…and it makes a really big sound!

Swell (Top Keyboard) 61 notes, C-c4 under expression
Choir (Lowest Keyboard) 61 notes, C-c4
Pedal, 30 notes, C-f1