the order of alcuin


What is the Order of Alcuin?

It is a community of children, youth, and adults who agree to live and serve under a common way or ‘rule’ of life. The word ‘order’ means we agree to do certain things together and individually that give shape or order to our lives.


What are the promises made by members of the Order of Alcuin?

1.    To be present each week at the Holy Eucharist, unless prevented by travel or sickness.

2.    To serve at the altar with devotion and diligence, striving to be Useful to the Holy Church of God and an Adornment to His Kingdom, and obeying the instructions of our leaders.

3.    To pray daily.

4.    To pray for the Church Catholic, their parish, rector, and fellow servers.

5.    To participate in Christian formation and works of mercy.


Who was Alcuin?

Alcuin, pronounced AL-kwin, was a deacon from England who was passionate about education, spiritual formation and worship. He lived from 735-804 AD. He founded schools and was responsible for bringing uniformity in liturgy under the reign of Charlemagne.



What does our motto mean?

Our motto, “Utiles sanctae dei ecclesiae” (U-TILL-es SANK-tay DAY-ee eh-KLEES-ee-ay) and “Regno tuo decus” (REG-no TWO-oo DAY-coos) means useful to the Holy Church of God and an adornment to His Kingdom. Members of the Order of Alcuin strive to be useful to Christ’s Church and by our lives and service, inspire others to pray and lead holy lives.


What does the Order of Alcuin expect so much?

Being a member of the Order of Alcuin is an important decision because the worship of God is very important. Because we take our worship of God seriously, we take serving at his altar very seriously. This doesn’t mean we are perfect and that we don’t make mistakes, but it means we take care of each other and we try our very best to serve at our very best.


What are the benefits of being a member of the Order of Alcuin?

The benefits include community, the joy of serving, the joy of being a part of something that is done very well for the glory of God, and the opportunity to learn more and experience the mass in a new and profound way.




What are the positions in the Order of Alcuin?

In order of the procession you see in church:

1.    Thurifer

2.    Boat Bearer

3.    Crucifer

4.    Candle Bearer

5.    Torchbearer

6.    Master of Ceremonies


Where do I start?

Everyone, adult, youth, or child, starts out observing while vested in cassock and surplice. The usual progression of positions is:

1.    Observer

2.    Boat (for 11am)

3.    Torchbearer

4.    Candlebearer

5.    Crucifer

6.    Thurifer

7.    Master of Ceremonies


Do I have to serve at every position?

Not at all. Serving is a calling. You may be called to serve as a torchbearer only or you may be called to serve all of the positions.