More Than Enough | Andy Blair

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Stewardship is challenging. Is it about the money or isn’t it?

If we are seriously dedicated on the Time and Talent parts can we sort of quietly ignore the Treasure part? Is it about before tax math or after deductions calculations? Do you count what you give to the United Way as part of your total toward a tithe?

If you are wrestling with these questions you may be missing the entire point. Do you seriously think that God is asking you to be a CPA when it comes to filling out your pledge card? Is the question that you are thinking on the list below?

•    How much do I have to give to have a clear conscience?
•    How much am I expected to give to keep God happy?
•    What can I get away with and still pay all my bills?

Wherever you are, wherever you have been, you are in a unique place. There is no single answer that will apply to everyone. There is only your story. Your story and your question. The answer is what you must work out individually with God. Nobody else matters. God sees truth so there is no need for justifications or fuzzy math. Your relationship with your creator is what it is. Your pledge is simply an expression of that.

Here is how it worked for me.

Did the corporate thing and made the big money [at least to me it was big money]. After a too many things fell into place to ignore [a story for another time] I resigned the job and purchased a small business. The family income decreased by 75% and the savings account dropped by the amount used to purchase the business. Seems like a really bad idea right. Now a pledge card shows up in the mail. What to do? Income is down 75%, God seems to have led me into this new venture, should the pledge go down 75% also? We were doing a little better than a tithe before all this started so maybe just doing a tithe on the new income amount would be ok with God?

Then it occurs to me that I am not up for audit by God’s tax dept. His only interest is in our relationship.  

•    God: Do you trust me?
•    Me: I want to.
•    God: Show me.

Being the number geek that I am I can’t quite pretend that I ignored all the numbers but here is what I did. Family income went down 75%. The pledge went down only 50%. I decided that if I was being led into this new adventure that part of faith was trusting that the money would be there and somehow it always has been. For the first 3 years I did not take a salary but we had enough.  Every morning when I walk across the parking lot to go in to work I say to God, “I have no idea how much money we will make today but, whatever it is that you bring us, it will be enough”.

Stewardship is only complicated until you get your agenda out of the way. Then it is just a matter of saying thank you.

Fr. Steve Rice