A parish in the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina


“Formation is our growth in Christ as people of God. Formation is more than being educated in Christianity because it involves a complete renewal of who we are – a change of our identity and worldview. We never graduate from being formed in our faith or achieve completion in our growth; rather our formation in Christ is a lifelong journey that affects every area of our life. Instead of being identified by our profession or talents, our lifelong formation in Christ begins to help us first identify ourselves as people of God who happen to work in various professions and process certain skills. Becoming more like Christ is not an overnight change, but we will continue to grow by our active participation in church, receiving the sacraments, studying the Biblical Story, and surrounding ourselves with other Christians to help us on our journey. My hope is that we will, as a church community and by God’s grace, commit to continuing our life-long formation in Christ.”

– John Roberts, Director of Formation and Development



Adult Formation

Sundays, Wednesdays, and more

Student Ministries

6th grade through 12th grade


Wednesday Night Formation

The heartbeat of the parish


preK - 5th grade