Formation is our growth in Christ as people of God. Formation is more than being educated in Christianity because it involves a complete renewal of who we are – a change of our identity and worldview. We never graduate from being formed in our faith or achieve completion in our growth; rather our formation in Christ is a lifelong journey that affects every area of our life.

Instead of being identified by our profession or talents, our lifelong formation in Christ begins to help us first identity ourselves as people of God who happen to work in various professions and process certain skills. Becoming more like Christ is not an overnight change, but we will continue to grow by our active participation in church, receiving the sacraments, studying the Biblical Story, and surrounding ourselves with other Christians to help us on our journey. My hope is that we will, as a church community and by God’s grace, commit to continuing our life-long formation in Christ.

children's formation

We have an active group of children who fill the pews of St. Timothy’s. On Sunday mornings we explore our faith though Godly Play, and on Wednesday nights we journey through stories of the people of God with Manna and Mercy for grades k-5. Club 543 is a special group for our older children to work on service projects throughout the year. We offer a professionally staffed Nursery for our youngest disciples and offer pre-K formation for ages 3-5. Come be a part of our family. For more information, please contact the Rev. Katie Bryant.

Youth formation

St. Timothy’s is privileged to have a committed group of middle school and high school students who call this parish home. Our mission and continuing hope is to build St. Timothy's into a safe and inviting place for students to discover what it means to be followers of Jesus. We do this through relationships and by encouraging our students’ involvement in all different areas of our church. Between Youth Group, mission trips, service projects, Mystery Nights, and many other activities there are ways for our students to “jump in”. For more information, please contact John Roberts.

Young Adults

For the past 6 years, St. Timothy’s has maintained a “Young Adult Group” for young professionals who are looking for a place in our parish to connect together. We meet regularly on Thursdays for food and study. This is a great venue to meet friends, share your story, and explore your faith. Please contact John Roberts for more information. Friends are most welcome to join.

Confirmation and New Members

Every year St. Timothy’s offers a Foundations and Confirmation Class for those seeking to be Confirmed and for new members or visitors of our parish. The first half of the class focused on our particular parish, and the second half focused more on the theological distinctive of our Anglican tradition. This class is primarily taught by John Roberts and heavily supplemented by other church staff members to help give a broad look at the ministries and theology of St. Timothy’s.

Small Groups

St. Timothy’s has different Small Groups that meet off campus during the week and on campus during our Sunday Formation Hour from 10:15 to 11:00am. These groups incorporate most of the active adults who attend our parish. To learn more, click here.  All of these all share the same mission of helping our members grow as followers of Jesus through study, conversation, accountability, and building friendships.  For more information, please contact John Roberts.

Wednesday night formation

In addition to Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights are the heart of our formation life at St. Timothy’s during the school year. We have formation offerings for people of all ages, and our amazing dinner teams provide a space for everyone to come together for a meal. The meal is served from 5:30-6:15pm. Please contact John Roberts or Katie Bryant for more information.

Parish Life

Parish Life is the perfect entry point for new folks to connect with the people of St. Timothy’s. Between Wednesday Night Dinners, Parish Breakfast, special Receptions, our annual food truck festival called TimFest, and our Pentecost Parish Picnic there are so many ways to see the life of our parish.  Also, all of these events need folks to help out. For more information, contact John Roberts or Lea Thulberry.


Adult Formation

Most of our Adult Formation is through our Small Groups. In addition, throughout the year, we offer various ways for adults to continue their formation journey in this parish. Our most regular adult offering is taught by Fr. Steve on Wednesday Nights in the church nave from 6:30-7:15pm during the church program year. Anyone is welcome to join.