Year-End Giving | Megan Farrell, Junior Warden


In the past week I’ve received emails from UNC and Duke asking for my year end gift.  No doubt you have also been asked by organizations for your financial support. There are lots of places vying for our money these days.  As we are inundated this season with marketing messages it is easy to get caught up in the rush of the holidays and lose focus on the true meaning of Advent and Christmas.  Giving helps free us from the material bonds that are especially present in our society this time of year. I ask you to consider a year end gift to St. Timothy’s. We are blessed at St. Timothy’s in so many ways but just as we have in past years, we find ourselves facing a sizeable deficit as we approach year end. This church depends on your generous contributions to keep the lights on, pay our staff, and most importantly, continue to do God’s work. As of November 30, we have an approximately $70,000 gap to fill and I know with your help it can be done.  Give online, by text, mail, or phone or donate stock. See below for detailed instructions. Thank you for your generosity and commitment. May the peace of the Lord be with you and may you rejoice in the coming of our Savior.

Ways to Give

  • By check, postmarked no later than December 31, 2018 to
    St Timothy’s Episcopal Church:
    2575 Parkway Drive
    Winston-Salem, NC 27103

  • Online with credit or debit card by visiting

  • Stock Transfer; give your broker this information: DTC # 0141 Acct # 8267-1980

  • If you are over 70 1/2, make a part of your “Required Minimum Distribution” from your IRA (you will not receive a tax deduction for this, but the distribution would be excluded from your income and you still may qualify for the standard deduction).

Fr. Steve Rice