This Week at St Timothy's, December 4, 2018

This Week

Wednesday Night Schedule, December 5, 2018

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  • 5:15pm Dinner (Drake)

  • 5:45pm Children Vest for Installation of Boy Bishop (Choir rooms)

  • 6pm St Nicholas Festival and Installation of Boy Bishop (Nave)

  • 6:30-7:30pm Christmas Pageant rehearsal (Nave)

Overflow Shelter

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This Sunday

The Second Sunday of Advent

The Creche (without the Holy Family) is placed in the Church this Sunday.

The Creche (without the Holy Family) is placed in the Church this Sunday.


Celebrant & Preacher: Fr Steve Rice

Color: Violet

Music this Sunday | Christin Barnhardt

This Sunday we will sing "Comfort, comfort ye my people," which many folks around St Timothy's have told me they enjoy singing. It is a paraphrase of Isaiah 40:1-5, in which the prophet looks forward to the coming of Christ and to the coming of Christ's forerunner, John the Baptist. We actually sang it this summer when we celebrated the Nativity of John the Baptist, whose feast day is June 24. "Comfort those who sit in darkness, mourning 'neath their sorrows' loads."
Instead of a Psalm this Sunday, the Lectionary calls for Canticle 4 or 16. Both are the "Benedictus" - Canticle 4 is Rite 1 language and Canticle 16 is Rite 2 - which is the Song ("Canticle") of Zechariah. One of three canticles in the opening chapters of Luke, along with the "Magnificat" and "Nunc dimittis," it is the song of thanksgiving Zechariah sang when his son, John the Baptist, was circumcised. We call it the "Benedictus" because of the first words in Latin "Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel" ("Blessed be the Lord God of Israel"). While the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis are part of Evening Prayer, the Benedictus is the canticle sung or said during Morning Prayer.

Fr. Steve Rice