Grace Dinners

Eat. Pray. Love


Sustenance. Spiritual Devotion. Caring and sharing with one another. The bible is full of stories about people breaking bread together with glad and sincere hearts. This is what our grace dinner groups are all about.

Grace Dinner groups meet regularly from September-May. Groups are organized with approximately 8-10 adults (singles, couples and families). These fellowship groups provide an informal setting for members to get to know one another outside of church, sharing our backgrounds and experiences and developing enduring relationships nurtured by a shared meal, devotional readings and open conversations that lead to spiritual growth. It is a fun way to engage with one another outside the church walls.

Families with young children will be matched with other such families. Everyone generally hosts a meal. This could be at your home, in a restaurant, or a community event, like a play or sporting event.

Registration is now open and will remain open through August 18, 2019. If you are already a registered member and all of your info is current, send an email to Richard and Debbie Graves ( letting us know that you wish to participate this year. If your schedule no longer permits you to participate let us know this as well. If you do not wish to commit to the full schedule, but would like to be on the fill in list, let us know this as well and groups that have vacancies will call and check your availability.

Mark your calendar of the kick-off scheduled for Sunday,  August 25, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in Drake Hall. The kick-off is a covered dish dinner, please bring one or two of your favorite dishes to the dinner. Tea, water and coffee as well as dinnerware will be provided.

For further information contact Richard and Debbie Graves (828-310-6626, 336-602-1470 or

Fr. Steve Rice