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Holy Baptism

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (The Holy Eucharist)


Holy Matrimony (Marriage)


The Book of Common Prayer teaches that "Christian marriage is a solemn and public covenant between a man and woman in the presence of God" (page 422). Marriages solemnized at St Timothy's and by the priests of the parish are in accordance with the traditional understanding as articulated by the Book of Common Prayer

The solemnization and blessing of a lifelong covenant is a joyful and serious occasion and begins with a conversation with the parish clergy. To help prepare for this initial conversation, the following are general norms for beginning the marriage process at St Timothy's:

  • The bride and/or groom is a member of St Timothy's. Exceptions to this are made by the rector. Joining the parish for the sole purpose of having a wedding is not appropriate. 

  • If the bride or groom has been previously married, a marital judgement must be procured from the bishop (this is the responsibility of the parish priest).

  • No fewer than three pre-marital counseling sessions are required. The first two sessions are required before the wedding date is confirmed on the parish calendar.

  • The marriage liturgy will be done by the parish priests and in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer and the customs of St Timothy's. Other clergy may participate at the invitation and direction of the parish priests.

Other guidelines and the fee schedule will be shared at the initial conversation with one of the priests. 

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Holy Unction (Anointing)

Confession (Penance)

Holy Orders