overflow shelter

Each winter night, St.Timothy’s opens the doors of our parish hall to welcome in women who have nowhere else to rest their weary heads. This all started in December 2013, as staff and members became partners in a downtown effort to make sure that every person in our city has a safe place to stay on cold winter nights--known as the Overflow Shelters.  Once the city’s permanent homeless shelters are full, there are still many people with no place to sleep--so the Overflow Shelters began. Early in 2014, we had over 3 times the number of guests that we had anticipated in downtown Overflow Shelters--so St.Timothy’s, along with First Presbyterian, opened our doors to guests on February 14, 2014. This group of churches and community members organized further in 2015 as City with Dwellings, which became an official non-profit organization in the fall of 2017.  2018-19 is our sixth season of partnering with City with Dwellings to offer Winston-Salem's only women's Overflow Homeless Shelter for the four coldest months of winter. City with Dwellings seeks to end homelessness by building community--and we do this each night at St.Tim's as volunteers and homeless guests alike share stories, eat together, and journey towards a stronger community for all. It is holy hospitality at it’s finest. Our shelter is one of 4 low-barrier Overflow Shelters in our city that make sure that everyone has a safe place to rest and get out of the cold during the winter. Our shelter depends on volunteer support to offer good hospitality--will you help?  Check your calendars, organize your groups, and sign-up at the link below.

Email katie@sttimothys.ws if you have questions or would like to learn more about our shelter, City with Dwellings, or homelessness in Winston-Salem.